Clear cache data on Android devices

Cache data can be very useful, contrary to the opinion, but if they became to large should be deleted, due to the fact that it can significantly slow down the device. It is well known that you can clear cache on every application individually, but from time to time it should be done on device level.

From Android version 4.2,clear cache data procedure is identical (I didn’t tested with 6.0 ), although interface can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Go to Settings and select Storage (Slide 1.).

Clear cache data on Android devices

Slide 1.

On Storage page select Cached data. It could happens that you need to wait for some time in order to your device calculate used space (Slide 2).

Clear cache data on Android devices
Slide 2.

When popup appear select delete and whole device cache will be deleted (Slide 3.).

Clear cache data on Android devices

Slide 3.

It is certain that your device will perform faster, but you will be prompt to login again to applications which it demands and this is drawback of clearing whole cache from your device.

I hope this tutorial was informative to you and we are looking forward to your feedback.



Dejan Dzodan

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