Configure SNMP location

For some reason, network administrators, give to devices meaningless system names and thus create a dilemma where device is located. This has a special meaning when you control devices from management tools. Fortunately, there is simple solution, by using SNMP location feature.

SNMP gives us numerous useful information regarding device state, interface state, component load etc. SNMP also gives us possibility to supply management tool with device exact location.

Login to your device and go to configuration mode. Type following:

device_sysname(config)#snmp-server location some address, some city

You can even type GPS coordinates in case you device is not on some particular location

In addition configure contact mail or phone number using following command:

device_sysname(config)#snmp-server contact

Now your data will be available though management tool.

This one was short, but I hope it was useful.

Dejan Dzodan

Dejan Dzodan

IT professional for more then 15 years, mostly in financial institutions but with experience in ISP and retail. Proven in networking and overall infrastructure projects. Cisco instructor.

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