Windows 10 for PC – Which application is draining your battery

Windows 10 for PC as a new Operating System brings new features. One of good things is that you can finally find out which application drains your battery.

This means that you can determine for both desktop and Universal Applications take too much power and drains your battery to zero. FOr this purpose there is a new application “BATTERY USE”. But, ofcourse this new feature is not on standard position, for example in Control Panel of Windows 10, nooo, you have to find it first.

BATTERY USE is a part of new BATTERY SAVER portion of Windows 10. Let`s start and show how to find it, and see what drains our batteries.

First Press Windows button and type “SETTINGS” (without quotes)

Windows 10
Windows 10

Click on “SETTINGS” and Apllication will start

Slide 2

Now locate “SYSTEM” and click on it.

Slide 3

On the left Menu locate BATTERY SAVER and click it, on the rigth part of the screen it will open Overview of how much of your battery lffe remaining.

Slide 4

Now click on “BATTERY USE” link that is locatated under the “BATTERY LIFE REMAINING”

Slide 5

Now you can analyze your Power Usage, the Battery Use screen will show information from the last 24 hours. But you can also have it show information from the last 48 hours, or from the last week.

To change this setting, click the dropdown box under “SHOWING BATTERY USE ACCROSS ALL APPS FROM THE LAST” at the top of the screen and select 24 Hours, 48 Hours or 1 Week.

Slide 6_

When you scroll down you will see a list of Applications. This is the most useful part of the list, as it lists your desktop applications as well as universal apps. This list shows Applications that use battery in the period you select (24 Hours, 48 Hours or 1 Week), and also show percentage of use.

IF you want to see more details, you can select particualar application and press DETAILS button that will appear.

Slide 7

Slide 8

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