How to setup stream with VLC

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files.

But, also there is some additional things that you can do with VLC. One is very¬†interesting option, streaming of video and audio files.¬† And not just that, you can also receive streams from outer world via several protocols (UDP,HTTP…). In this edition of IT Tutorials I will show you how to send and receive UDP stream from VLC. Lets start!

  1. Download and install VLC player from here
  2. Start VLC player
  3. Choose MEDIA dropdown menu and select STREAM option
    Open stream menu
  4. OPEN MEDIA dialog will pop-up
    Open stream menu 2
  5. Press ADD button and select media file that you want to stream (you can select more than one file)
    choose media file
  6. Select STREAM
    choose stream menu
  7. STREAM OUTPUT menu will pop-up, click NEXT
    Stream output
  8. Select UDP (LEGACY) from dropdown menu and click ADD button
    Destination setup
  9. Here you should add IP address where you want to send your IP stream (locally or via internet if your network is set properly). IP address that you will enter here must be IP address of receiveing PC.  After you enter outgoing IP address click NEXT
    Add IP address
  10. STREAM OUTPUT menu will pop-up, choose ACTIVATE TRANSCODING, select VIDEO – H.264 + MP3 (MP4) and on TOOLBOX icon next to it. ENCAPSULATION screen will pop-up. Select MPEG-TS option.
    Video codec
  12. Select AUDIO CODEC tab and check KEEP ORIGINAL VIDEO TRACK. Click SAVE button.
    audio codec
  13. On TRANSCODING OPTIONS screen press NEXT button and OPTION SETUP screen will show. Check STREAM ALL ELEMENTARY STREAMS and click STREAM button.
    Stream all elementary streams
  14. After this video file that you choose will start streaming from VLC player to destination IP address that you add durring settings process.

Now we have to receive this IP video stream in VLC on some other, or same PC

  1. Open VLC player on second PC and in MEDIA menu select OPEN NETWORK STREAM
    receive stream menu
  2. OPEN MEDIA screen will pop-up. You have to enter IP address that you enter before (see step 9 in first section of tutorial). Click PLAY button.
    receive stream add ip address
  3. Now VLC player will receive and play video streaming from first PC
    playing streamThats all folks !
    I hope that this tutorial was informative to you and thank you for visiting this website!
Bojan Markovic

Bojan Markovic

IT professional with almost 20 years of experience, mostly integrator of IT services in TV & Radio broadcasting and web based projects. Expert in broadcasting playout systems, video streaming services and SEO.

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