Install Windows 10 on VMware workstation

First thing you have to do, in my opinion, is to update your VMware workstation. Generally, you should keep it updated all the time.

Please, select version of Windows you want to use (32 bit, 64 bit,…) and download Windows 10 from Microsoft download section. Now you have to setup you virtual machine. Recommendation for Windows 10 is to use at least 2 GB of RAM and 60 GB on your HDD, although this amount of space on HDD is not necessary. I used 25 GB.

First follow the instructions in order to create virtual machine (Slide 1 to 3). Please select Create a New Virtual Machine.

Install Windows 10 on  VMware workstation

Slide 1.

Locate your Windows .iso file, you have downloaded, and map CD/DVD to use this image fileĀ  and choose Next(Slide 2.).

Install Windows 10 on  VMware workstation

Slide 2.

Then select your operating system (Slide 3.).

Install Windows 10 on  VMware workstation

Slide 3.

Name your VM and select location where you will keep you OS (Slide 4.)

Install Windows 10 on  VMware workstation

Slide 4.

Specify your HDD space as I already mention (Slide 5.).


Slide 5.

Select amount of RAM memory regarding recommendation (Slide 6.)


Slide 6.

Select Close and power up your VM.

On Welcome Installation screen select language and proceed with installation (Slide 7).


Slide 7.

Select Install now and follow the instructions on your screen (Slide 8.)


Slide 8.

Agree with license policy and on the next screen select Custom: Install Windows only (Slide 9 & 10).


Slide 9.


Slide 10.

Verify installation drive and choose Next. Windows Setup will now start installation (Slide 11 & 12).


Slide 11.


Slide 12.

After installation is finished notify Getting device ready screen (Slide 13.).


Slide 13.

After this screen installation is finished. Please follow on screen instructions, because further setup depends on your Windows version (Slide 14.)


Slide 14.

VMware workstation you can download from this location.

I hope that this tutorial was informative to you and thank you for visiting this website.






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