Joomla CMS installation

Joomla is one of most widespread CMSs in the world, not like WordPress but still very popular. I`m dealing with Joomla since it was not Joomla, but Mambo CMS…it was ages ago. Newer mind.

Lets start. You already created database and user following one of our tutorials and now it`s time to download and copy Joomla installation files to your public html location (this is in case you are using public hosting). I made subdomain (you have tutorial regarding this topic on our site to) named and I copied files there.

Navigate your browser to your site location (, as I did and you will be forwarded to installation page. Give your site meaningful name, type administrative e-mail, administrative username and password and select Next (Slide 1.). You can type site description, although it`s not mandatory.


Slide 1.

On next step you have to select database type (usually MySQLi). Usually Host Name of your server will be localhost, but it will depend on hosting provider. Type username of user which have access to database (that will be username you created when you created database through MySQL wizard). Also type password and database name. In this step you are connecting your CMS with database using database user (Slide 2.). Select Next.


Slide 2.

Now, select one of the options with sample data, or choose installation with no sample data (Slide 3.). Select Install.


Slide 3.

On next screen (Slide 4.) you can follow up installation process. On the end of process you just need to select Remove Installation folder in order to finalized your installation (Slide 5.).


Slide 4.


Slide 5.

On same screen now you can choose whether you want to go to you front page selecting Site or Administrator if you prefer to administer your web site. Location of you administrative site will be and login credentials same you entered in step 1 of this installation.

I hope that this tutorial was informative to you and thank you for visiting this website.

Dejan Dzodan

Dejan Dzodan

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