Kill tasks from command line interface

Sometimes it happens that process or processes stays stacked and  you can`t close them even from task manager. There is simple procedure in order to kill tasks or process. You can even to close application with multiple processes with that procedure.

In order to kill tasks you have to review your live processes by typing following command.


Find process ID (PID) of process you want to kill and type following syntax.

C:\Users\user>taskkill /PID 7444

You should be noticed with success message.

Now, there can be applications with more than one process stacked. You have to kill application instead of process. Let`s kill Chrome. Type following.

C:\Users\user>taskkill /f /im chrome.exe

You should be noticed with success messages, one for each process.

Further more, you can do some other actions with taskkill command. Type following and review all software switches.

C:\Users\user>taskkill /?

I hope that this tutorial was informative to you and thank you for visiting this website.

Dejan Dzodan

Dejan Dzodan

IT professional for more then 15 years, mostly in financial institutions but with experience in ISP and retail. Proven in networking and overall infrastructure projects. Cisco instructor.

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