Manage contextual ads on your Facebook profile

A lot of noise is raised on fact that Facebook now can use your Internet search data in order to serve you ads according to your interests – contextual ads. Generally, I don`t mind contextual advertising, but I can understand people which wants to protect their privacy, especially when data coming from outside source. Facebook gave you an option to change these settings and here is tutorial.

Go to manageĀ icon on your profile page (Slide 1). Then select Settings under drop down menu (Slide 2).

Manage contextual ads on your Facebook profile

Slide 1.

Manage contextual ads on your Facebook profile

Slide 2.

On next page select Ads (Slide 3).


Slide 3.

On selected page you will have more then one setting to change. They are not connected to contextual advertising, but they are related to your privacy in general.

So, on Ads based on my use of website and apps select OFF(Slide 4).


Slide 4.

On Ads on aps and websites off of Facebook Companies select NO (Slide 5).


Slide 5.

Last setting, like I said is more about general privacy. On Ads with my social actions select No one. This option is about who can see your social actions, or to simplify, who should see what do you like – friends or no one. (Slide 6)


Slide 6.

Now you added more privacy to your Facebook profile, but still is question, how much privacy you have when everything is online.

Thank you for reading this tutorial and feel free to visit us again.



Dejan Dzodan

Dejan Dzodan

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