Missing desktop thumbnail on Alt-Tab in Windows 10

Although several years passed since Windows 10 is presented, a lot of, especially corporate users, use Windows 7. Still, a large number of them quickly cross over to Windows 10 and they find large amount of tips and shortcuts are missing. Microsoft made same changes and users are not to happy about it. One of them, that especially make problem to my colleagues, is situation with missing desktop thumbnail when using Alt-Tab.

Well, there is no “work around” for this shortcut, or at least I didn`t  found it.

Only solution is to use key combination Missing desktop thumbnail on Alt-Tab in Windows 10  + D. On that way you will go directly to desktop without selecting desktop thumbnail.

This one was short but still I hope it was informative to you.

Dejan Dzodan

Dejan Dzodan

IT professional for more then 15 years, mostly in financial institutions but with experience in ISP and retail. Proven in networking and overall infrastructure projects. Cisco instructor.

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