Perform manual backup in cPanel

I already wrote about importance of having backup. In this tutorial I will show you process of manual backup if you use cPanel as web content management platform.

You can find plug-in`s for every CMS you are using to do backup, but only content of specified location (website) will we stored. So it is always better to do it in cPanel, because it does backup everything: content, database, mail settings, other data you stored…

First login to your cPanel and locate and select Backup Wizard option (Slide 1.).

Perform manual backup in cPanel

Slide 1.

Next page gives you option to choose between backup and restore. Select Backup in order to configure full backup (Slide 2).

Perform manual backup in cPanel

Slide 2.

On next page, under Generate a Full Backup, first select backup destination. You can choose to use FTP, SCP… I selected Home Directory. Register you email in order to be informed when backup is finished (Slides 3 & 4). Select Generate Backup and proceed.

Perform manual backup in cPanel

Slide 3.

Perform manual backup in cPanel

Slide 4.

On next page system informs you that full backup is in progress and that you will be informed once it`s done.

If you want more control and if you want to manually choose what to backup instead Backup Wizard option use just Backup option which is next to wizard.

I know that in era of automation, manual backup is not popular, but it`s good start, before you create your regular scheduled backup policy.

How do you perform backups?

I hope that this tutorial was informative to you and thank you for visiting this website.



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