Protect excel file with password

There is several ways to protect Microsoft Excel file with password. You can protect workbook, sheet, file in general….I`ll show you last one: file in general.

It is really important to understand why you need to secure your data. You can encrypt you hard disk, use complex user passwords but some times it`s not enough.

Other ways to protect MS Excel I will show you lately. Start with creating excel file, as I did. I even created some data as you can see in slide 1. Select File.

Protect excel file with password

Slide 1.

When you selected File properties window is opened. Notice that by default there is no security measures (Slide 2).


Slide 2.

Select Protect Workbook and then select option Protect with password (Slide 3). Notice more then one option to protect excel file.


Slide 3.

On next two slides (Slides 4 & 5) you will be asked to provide password and password confirmation. Use this option with caution and keep your password on sefe location. Password setup process is irreversible.

Protect excel file with password

Slide 4.

Protect excel file with password

Slide 5.

Notice change in file properties window, informing you that file is now password protected (Slide 6.). Save your settings and your job is done.


Slide 6.

You can test your password secured excel file. Start your file. If you see prompt asking you for password (Slide 7.), that`s it!

Protect excel file with password

Slide 7.

I hope that this tutorial was informative to you and thank you for visiting this website.

Dejan Dzodan

Dejan Dzodan

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