How to restore lost contacts from Android?

Losing your contacts from your phone is always a problem, but thanks to a feature in Gmail it is possible to quickly restore them to your Android phone.

If you Android Smartphone is a repository for all your contacts, you don`t have to worry that you can loos them. Your contacts are very safe and alway available if you have access to your Gmail account. Also, if you accidentally erase your contacts you can always revert back and restore your contacts to your phone. Follow this tutorials and we will show you how.

Gmail contacts are very well connected with your Android phone since Android use your Gmail account as main ccount for all Google services that you use with your Android phone. With your Gmail account connected from your mobile you have access to Google Play Store, Google Maps, Google Drive etc. Google use your Gmail acount to track a varous data from your phone, and one of good things is that all your contacts are saved in your Google Contacts and you can always restore back to your phone. This is also good thing if you buy a new Android mobile and you want to transfer all your contacts to new mobile device.

Log in to your Gmail account that is connected with your Android Phone.

Click on left upper corner on Gmail and drop-down mennu will show, choose “Contacts”.

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Google Contacts page will open in browser. Click “More” and select “Restore Contacts”

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You’ll be given the choice of when you want to restoreto there is an option to restore from 10 minutes, hour, yesterday, 1 week ago and custom. Here you  choose a point when the missing data was still present on your mobile.

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Click Restore and you will find  lost contact that is back in the in the list.

That`s it, keep an eye on as we will continue with more tutorials . On our website you will find a lot of tips and tricks for any IT field !



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