How to save offline Google Maps on Android

Google Maps is an amazing service that puts a huge amount of information at your fingertips, but that’s there is a catch, it works only  if you have an Internet connection.

Place searches, step-by-step navigation,  and other advanced features require your phone or tablet  to be online. But don`t worry there is an additional feature that gives you oportunity  to save some maps for offline use.  It’s not feature-complete, but this is how you get some utility out of Google Maps when you are out of your internet connection, and sometimes can be useful.

In order to save map for offline use you have to think in advance, as we said Google Maps will not work without Internet connection, so if you know that you will be out of connection but you know that you will need maps, save it to your device while you are online and be prepared for later.

Open Google Maps application and find a place of interest, it can be whole town if you want.

Save offline Google Maps on Android1

Touch  Search bar and select Offline Areas

Save offline Google Maps on Android2


Press + symbol in lower right corner

Save offline Google Maps on Android3


Press download button and selected portion of Google Maps will be downloaded for offline use.

Save offline Google Maps on Android4

After saving maps your Google Maps app will continue to work same as  when in normal use with an Internet connection, the only changes come when your phone is without internet connection  and you start the Google Maps application  to find your way or point of interest. But,uour application now can`t show you some nice things like step by step navigation, you have to use map in an old fashion way.

Saved offline Google Map will be cleared after 30 days on your device.

That`s it, keep an eye on as we will continue with more tutorials . On our website you will find a lot of tips and tricks for any IT field !


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