How to search packages in apt?

Linux was not always such friendly. Now, for installing packages you can use packet managers such is Synaptic, which has graphic interface or you can use `rpm`. But still there is a numerous distros that use `apt`, but they are not foreseen for web browsing, thus they areĀ inappropriate for anything else but `apt`. But, hot to search packages in `apt`?

Well, it`s much easier then you think. Regular way to install some package is to type following:

apt-get install name-of-package

But what when you don`t know file name? Instead apt-get you should use apt-cache followed with search:

apt-cache search gimp

OK, GIMP is GNU image manipulation program and I use it as an example. Now you will receive output like following (output is omitted):

cups-driver-gutenprint – transitional dummy package for gutenprint printer driver
gimp – The GNU Image Manipulation Program
gimp-data – Data files for GIMP
gimp-dbg – Debugging symbols for GIMP
gimp-help-common – Data files for the GIMP documentation
gimp-help-de – Documentation for the GIMP (German)
gimp-help-en – Documentation for the GIMP (English)
gimp-help-es – Documentation for the GIMP (Spanish)
gimp-help-fr – Documentation for the GIMP (French)

You will see the list of all packages connected with GIMP on anyway. Now you can use good, old, apt-get install to install package you need.

That`s it, keep an eye on as we will continue with more tutorials . On our website you will find a lot of tips and tricks for any IT field !

Dejan Dzodan

Dejan Dzodan

IT professional for more then 15 years, mostly in financial institutions but with experience in ISP and retail. Proven in networking and overall infrastructure projects. Cisco instructor.

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