WordPress – Deactivate plugins when wp-admin not loading

If you use a lot of plug-ins in WordPress sometimes there can be some issues and you get locked out from your wp-admin backend.

This is bad situation because you can`t do anything with your WordPress web site or blog powered by WordPress. If this is a case with your web site there is a remedy, and in a lot of situations simple disabling of plug-in will help. But, how to disable plug-ins when your WordPress show only white screen of death when try to reach http://yourdoamin.com/wp-admin? Well, we bring you a solution, it`s not that complicated as it seems. You will need FTP access to your Public host directory, or you have to login to you cPanel or any other web hosting control panel that have File Manager.

Lets assume that you will use cPanel File Manager.

Slide 1 Start cPanel File Manager

Navigate to the /wp-content/ folder

Slide 2 Navigate to wp-content folder

then find /plugins/ folder and rename it to some other name, for example “plugins_deactivated”.

Slide 3 rename Plugins folder

Once you rename /plugins/ folder all your plugins will become deactivated.

If the issue was with your plugins, you should be able login to your wp-admin backend. in your web browser navigate to http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin and login with your username and password. If it works abd you are able to login to your WordPress wp-admin backen, then go back to your cPanel manager and revert renamed folder “plugins_deactivated” to its original folder name “plugins” (without quotes).

All your plugins are still deactivated in you wp-admin backend and now you can activate one by one and determine which plugin cause problems. When you find which plugin cause issue your wp-admin backend will be inaccesible again and you have to repeat procedure, but now you know which plugin is problematic and you can deinstall it from your WordPress.

Thank you for reading IT Tutorials. I hope you find this tutorial useful. We are expecting your comments.

Bojan Markovic

Bojan Markovic

IT professional with almost 20 years of experience, mostly integrator of IT services in TV & Radio broadcasting and web based projects. Expert in broadcasting playout systems, video streaming services and SEO.

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